Building a maximum range Diamondback Explorer

The Diamondback Explorer is a ship manufactured by Lakon Spaceways. Envisioned as a combat-exploration ship that capitalizes on the strength of the smaller Diamondback Scout, the Diamondback Explorer can be specialized for either role reasonably well thanks to its clustered hardpoint placement, superior heat efficiency, and excellent jump range. It also boasts more internal space than the Diamondback Scout and exchanges two Class 1 hardpoints for a single Class 3 hardpoint. The Diamondback Explorer fills a useful niche between smaller, cheaper ships such as the Adder and Cobra MkIV, and larger, more expensive ships such as the Asp Explorer and Krait Phantom, and is a favorite of pilots seeking to begin a career in exploration. Despite these advantages, the ship's size restricts its internal compartments, making it inadvisable to outfit it for multitasking.

Diamondback Explorer Specifications


Basic info

Manufacturer: Lakon Spaceways
Years Produced: 3300-Present
Type: Combat Explorer
Cost: 1,894,760 CR
Insurance: 94,738 CR


Landing Pad Size: Small
Dimensions: 45.0m x 27.3m x 13.6m
Pilot Seats: 1
Multicrew: No
Fighter Hangar: No
Hull Mass: 260 t
Mass Lock Factor: 10

Tech Specs

Armour: 270
Armour Hardness: 42
Shields: 131 MJ
Heat Capacity: 351
Fuel Capacity: 32 t
Manoeuvrability: 4
Top Speed: 251 m/s (default)
Max Speed: 282 m/s (upgraded)
Boost Speed: 328 m/s (default)
Max Boost Speed: 369 m/s (upgraded)
Unladen Jump Range: 15.70 ly (default)
Max Jump Range: 41.61 ly (upgraded)
Cargo Capacity: 12 t (default)
Cargo MAX: 60 t (max)


Utility slots: 4
Small hardpoints: 0
Medium hardpoints: 2
Large hardpoints: 1
Huge hardpoints: 0

Internal compartments

Size 1: 2
Size 2: 2
Size 3: 2
Size 4: 2
Size 5: 0
Size 6: 0
Size 7: 0
Size 8: 0

When you first start playing Elite Dangerous (ED), you'll need an in-expensive ship that can get you around the bubble very quickly.

Or maybe your looking to get a head start on exploration. Maybe go visit some of the tourist spots, like Colonia, Witch Head. some of the Guardian sites.

There are many ships that you could use and would do the job just fine.

My preferred "run-around" is the Diamondback Explorer (DBX).

A fully configured Jumpaconda (build is here) will run you 269 Million credits. The DBX will cost you a measly 12 Million.



Of course the first thing you need to do is buy a DBX. There are various options to get one at a serious discount. This is outside the scope of this article. You can Google that yourself! The base cost is 1.9Mil.

You will also need access to some specific modules. You can either jump around the bubble to get the best deal, or go to a station that has them all. If you don't have access to "Jameson Memorial" station in Shinrata Dezhra, I suggest going to the planetary station "i Sola Prospect" in the Brestla system planet A 1.

When you buy your DBX, it will come with the following modules already installed:

Core Internal

1C Lightweight Alloy
4E Power Plant
4E Thrusters
5E Frame Shift Drive
3E Life Support
4E Power Distributor
3E Sensors
5C Fuel Tank (32t)

Optional Internal

4E Shield Generator
3E Cargo Rack (Cap:8)
2E Cargo Rack (Cap:4)
1E Supercruise Assist
1E Advanced Docking Computer
1l Planetary Approach Suite


1F Gimballed Pulse Laser
1F Gimballed Pulse Laser


Utility Mounts



So we want speed. The easiest way to think about it is speed = light weight.

So with that in mind, sell off everything in the Utility Mounts and Hardpoints. It's excess weight you don't need.

Next, sell off all except the Planetary Approach Suite (PAS) in Optional Internal. The PAS has no mass (magic box!) so it's OK to leave it in. Plus if you want to land on a planet, you'll need it.

Now lets swap out some of the Core Internals for some jumpy jumpy goodness!

1C Lightweight Alloy ==> (no change) 1C Lightweight Alloy
4E Power Plant          ==> 3D Power Plant
4E Thrusters              ==> 4D Thrusters
5E Frame Shift Drive ==> 5A Frame Shift Drive
3E Life Support          ==> 3D Life Support
4E Power Distributor ==> 2D Power Distributor
3E Sensors                 ==> 3D Sensors
5C Fuel Tank (32t)    ==> 5C Fuel Tank (16t)

"D" rated modules are the lightest you can get. "A" rated are the most powerful.

Now lets put some stuff back into the Optional Internal slots

4 - 4A Fuel Scoop (You CANNOT scoop neutron stars without one! Or basic fuel for that matter! DON'T SKIMP!)
4 - 4H Guardian Frame Shift Drive Booster
3 - 3D Shield Generator
3 - 1D Repair Limpet Controller
2 - 2D Auto Field-Maintenance Unit (AMFU)
2 - 2D Auto Field-Maintenance Unit
1 - 1E Cargo Rack (2 tons)
1 - 1E Advanced Docking Computer (ADC)
1 - 1l Planetary Approach Suite


Of the 8 modules you just installed, only 2 have any mass. The Guardian FSD Booster and the Repair Limpet Controller. This is offset with the 9.25LY additional range the FSD Booster gives. 👍

I've included two 2D AMFU's so you can repair both. An AMFU cannot repair itself. An AMFU also cannot repair the hull, so a Repair Limpet Controller is needed. The 1D is the lightest and only costs 0.07LY from your range, so why not.

Remember to NEVER load limpets! Limpets add weight that will shorten your max jump range. You can synthesize limpets when needed.

I've added a 1E Cargo Rack with a 4 ton capacity. When you synthesise limpets you get 4 each time. Since you will NEVER have cargo on board, the 1E can only hold 2 of the 4 created when synthing.

Reminder: Limpets = Weight = Reduced Jump Range

Now we get to the Engineering section. Did I mention you'll need engineering?🤣 A lot of it!?😭 Huh...well now you know. Get to the closest engineer and land. You need loads of experimental effects, which can only be applied when at an engineer.

Lets take a look.

   (Module)              (Applied Blueprint)                (Applied Experimental Effect)
1C Lightweight Alloy ==> Lightweight (Grade 5) ==> No experimental effect

3D Power Plant ==> Overcharged (Grade 5) ==> Stripped Down
4D Thrusters ==> Dirty (Grade 5) ==> Stripped Down
5A Frame Shift Drive ==> Increased Range (Grade 5) ==> Mass Manager
3D Life Support ==> Lightweight (Grade 5) ==> No experimental effect
2D Power Distributor ==> High Charge Capacity (Grade 5) ==> Stripped Down
3D Sensors ==> Lightweight (Grade 5) ==> No experimental effect
5C Fuel Tank (32t) ==> No engineering

3D Shield Generator ==> Enhanced, Low Power (Grade 5) ==> Stripped Down

So most of this should be self explanatory, we want to get the weight down on everything.

REMINDER: Engineering to Grade 5 is REQUIRED to get max range!

The Thrusters can be either Dirty or Clean as long as you apply the "Stripped Down" experimental effect. This is mostly a preference thing.

Since the Power Plant and Power Distributor are far below what can be installed, you need to crank the output up greatly in order for the ship to fly. However these two are the smallest you can stick on without running into serious power issues during flight or mega overheating problems when refueling.

Now lets take a look at the jump range improvement, what you've just accomplished.

             Light Year Ranges (in LYs)

First Purchase: 17.00
After Upgrades/Engineering: 75.28

Synthesis - FSD Injection
Basic (+25%): 94.10

Standard (+50%): 112.92
Premium (+100%): 150.56

White Dwarf (+50%): 112.92

Neutron Star (+400%): 301.12

So congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a DBXtra! can build this to jump further! Swap out the 5A FSD for the Human Tech Broker per-engineered 5A FSD will bring your range to 78.88. Assuming you have what is needed to unlock this. This build is not a "min-max" build, but an easy way to get a long range ship. Play with it, see if you can improve it! 

There are two ship building helper websites to assist you.

The first is CORIOLIS.IO which is a good site, clean layout, just don't forget to scroll down to see hidden data.

==> Long Link<==               Short Link (when it's working):


The second is EDSY.ORG which (in my opinion) is a better layout and no scrolling.

==> Long Link <==              Short Link:


Hope this helps you in your travels Commander.

Fly dangerously!