I've been everywhere, man

I've been everywhere, man

Crossed the desert's bare, man

I've breathed the mountain air, man

Of travel I've a'had my share, man

I've been everywhere

- Johnny Cash

Well I'm not Johnny Cash, but I have been everywhere. You name it, been there, done that. Still trying to get to McMurdo Station at the south pole to complete the "four-points-of-the-compass" list.

If I haven't been there, it doesn't have a runway. 

It's better to burn out, than fade away! - Def Leppard

Of all the places I have seen on this planet, none compare to the raw beauty of Arizona. In any season. The most beautiful desolation you can imagine.


Screw you, I'm leaving, I'll make my own place, with blackjack.....AND hookers! - Bender - Futurama

We are all star dust...remember that...and never sweat the small stuff! - Some Dude