A collection of Google Photo Album's of various different things

Elite Dangerous - Anaconda Graveyard

Just a one-way trip to the Anaconda Graveyard


Elite Dangerous - Beagle Point

Every commander should visit Beagle Point at least once. This was my first visit.


Elite Dangerous - Carrier Jumps

An album of fleet carrier jumps as animated images


Elite Dangerous - Dav‚s Hope

Dav's Hope is a ground station ideal for collecting low grade manufactured materials.


Elite Dangerous - Expedition 2 - Counter Clockwise Commanders

The second expedition was a counter-clockwise trip around the edge of the galaxy. Stopping at several key tourist spots. 12 commanders, 1 carrier, and many many hilarious moments!


Elite Dangerous - Expedition One - Hyford‚s Cache

The first expedition we had was to solve the Hyford's Cache mystery. With 6 commanders, 2 fleet carriers, jumping from the bubble to Colonia to Col 70 sector. Epic fun was had!


Elite Dangerous - Finance Friday‚s with VANG!

Every Friday, the amazing Commanders of Mauraders Vanguard get together to help new commanders earn billions of credits. More fun that you can imagine!


Elite Dangerous - Fleet Carrier "Wizards Nest"

Purchasing and outfitting a Commander owned fleet carrier.


Elite Dangerous - Fleet Carrier Decommissioning

I bought a carrier for my alternate account. That was a mistake. Here is the decommissioning process.


Elite Dangerous - Guardian

There is an extinct race of beings called Guardian's. Each site is different, offering different rewards and materials.


Elite Dangerous - Gyre Tree in System LYED YJ-I D9-0

Exploring the galaxy result in some amazing sites. Here we see the Grye Trees.


Elite Dangerous - Hind Mine

Every commander chooses an place they call "home". Hind Mine was my first home.


Elite Dangerous - Jameson‚s Crashed Cobra

The most famous crash site in Elite Dangerous, also has the largest collection of encoded data.


Elite Dangerous - KOI 413 Encounter

There are many strange and wonderous things to see. In KOI 413 you can watch two gas giants collide over and over.


Elite Dangerous - Megaships & Stations

There are many different mega ships in Elite Dangerous, lets take a look at a few.


Elite Dangerous - OCE Ships in ED

An incomplete album of all the ships I have built within Elite Dangerous!


Elite Dangerous - OCE‚s FIRSTS!

Exploration in Elite Dangerous results in seeing systems and objects nobody has ever seen. When this happens, it's called a "First".


Elite Dangerous - Pixy Wifey Galaxy Gaggle Gathering!

A bunch of us got together for a charity event organized by Pixey Wifey. Hilarity ensued!


Elite Dangerous - Planets, Stars, Bodies

A collection of pictures of the Planets, Stars and stellar objects that can be encountered in the Elite Dangerous galaxy.


Elite Dangerous - Stuff-n-Things

Random ED content, in-game and out.


Elite Dangerous - Thargoid Maelstrom Hunting

After a failed attempt to commit genocide of the Thargoids, by a man calling himself "Salvation", the Thargoids counter-attacked. I decided to explore the maelstroms.


Elite Dangerous - The Glowy Greens

A very rare type of Gas Giant which glows green for an unknown reason.


Elite Dangerous - The Thargoids

Thargoids are an alien race within ELite Dangerous. Friend or Foe, hard to determine.


Elite Dangerous - Voyager & New Horizons

Go to the Sol system and you can fly out to see Voyager One, Voyager Two and the New Horizons probe!


Minecraft - The Overlook Maze from "The Shining"

Creating the maze from the move "The Shining".