Engineer's recommended PINs

Ever wonder just what to pin at an Engineer when ya get there? Well this will give some idea!

So you finally unlock an Engineer. Fly all the way out to where they are. Yer then presented with all kinds of engineering you can "pin" to access anywhere in the galaxy.

So what do you pin? What would give the "best" options/coverage while doing the business!?

Well here is a Start List. I say start, because everyone is different. Down To Earth Astronomy has a very different list. His arguement for why he chose his list makes perfect sense, for his game play, but not mine.

So here's mine. Use it as a start then create your own!

Fly Dangerous Commander!


Engineer System Planet Site Name Module Engineering Type
Bill Turner Alioth 4 A Turner Metallics Inc Plasma Accelerators Long Range
Broo Tarquin Muang 5 A Broo's Legacy Beam Lasers Long Range
Chloe Sedesi Shenve A 6 Cinder Dock Thrusters Clean
Colonel Bris Dekker Sol Saturn Iapetus Dekker's Yard FSD Interdictor Long Range
Didi Vatermann Leesti 1 A Vatermann LLC Shield Boosters Heavy Duty
Elvira Martuuk Khun 5 Long Sight Base FSD Fast Boot
Etienne Dorn Los A 2 B Kraken's Retreat Life Support Light Weight
Felicity Farseer Deciat 6 A Farseer Inc FSD Long Range
Hera Tani Kuwemaki A 3 A The Jet's Hole Power Plant Over Charged
Juri Ishmaak Giryak 2 A Pater's Memorial Detailed Surface Scanner Expanded Probe Radius
Lei Cheung Laksak A 1 Trader's Rest Shield Generator Reinforced Shields
Liz Ryder Eurybia Makalu Demolition Unlimited Seeker Missle High Capacity
Lori Jameson Shinrarta Dezhra A 1 Jameson Base Sensors Light Weight
Marco Qwent Sirius Lucifer Qwent Research Base Power Plant Low Emissions
Marsha Hicks Tir A 2 The Watchtower Multi Cannon Over Charged
Mel Brandon Luchtaine A 1 C The Brig Shield Cell Bank Specialised
Petra Olmanova Asura 1 A Sanctuary Armour Heavy Duty
Professor Palin Arque 4 E Abel Laboratory Thrusters Dirty Drive
Ram Tah Meene AB 5 D Phoenix Base Heat Sink Ammo Capacity
Selene Jean Kuk B 3 Prospector's Rest Hull Reinforcement Heavy Duty
The Dweller Wyrd A 2 Black Hide Power Distributor Charge Enhanced
The Sarge Beta-3 Tucani 2 B A The Beach Collector Limpets Light Weight
Tiana Fortune Achenar 4 A Fortune's Loss Kill Warrant Scanner Fast Scan
Tod "The Blaster" McQuinn Wolf 397 Trus Madi Trophy Camp Multi Cannon Over Charged
Zacariah Nemo Yoru 4 Nemo Cyber Party Base Fragment Cannon Over Charged
Engineer System Planet Site Name Module Engineering Type


You may notice that none of the "on foot" engineers are listed.

This is not a mistake. I do not play on foot. That content is dumb.

So I don't waste my time doing engineering on something I don't use 🤣