TalkTalk: The Finale

So in case you haven't read the other articles....

Two years ago I changed my email address.

ICANN, the International Consortium of Names and Numbers, the people that regulate domain names. In 2015 added hundreds of new Top Level Domain (TLD) names. Like COM is a TLD, they added SEXY, and EXPERT, ROCKS, CLOUD, etc.

2015....yeah....7 fucking years ago!

Enter TalkTalk...

Their computer system has a "hard coded" (can't be changed easily, or over ridden) list of acceptable domain names from 2008 (the last time ICANN updated the list).

So......2008........2021.....huh...ya know, not sure, but my keen math skills tells me that's 13 years!

TalkTalk has invested ZERO into their own software for 13 years!

And then I came to be a customer.

Long story short....if yer gonna piss off a customer, make sure they are:

  1. not American
  2. not ex-military
  3. definitely do not have a short fuse

Any who....

Problem solved, by moving to British Telecom! Turns out, they upgrade their customer relationship management (CRM) software often!

Meaning, my email address ending in FAMILY is just fine and dandy with BT. Zero problems, zero issue.

And, they brought me fiber! 1 Gig UP....1 Gig DOWN.....a direct connection.

This is heaven and it has high speed access!

So bye bye TalkTalk. I am so tired of giving you solutions to the problem and getting ignored. Over and over and over.

Yer gone. Stick a fork in me I'm done level of done! Set this shit on fire cuz it don't need it anymore!

I'm out.........