RX-8 40th Edition #109 of 400

The 2008 Mazda RX-8 40th Edition rotary coupe.

For those lucky enough to drive one, most go right out and buy one for themselves. However once they become aware of this vehicles special maintenance requirements, quickly get rid of them. Some buy one to drive only on the weekends, not realising that the excessive standing causes other issues.

For me...

My search started with an idea, well, desire really, to have a vehicle fast enough to outrun anyone (most people anyway).

I've always had a "lead foot" when it comes to cars. None of my previous vehicles were built for speed, but didn't stop me from driving at (border-line unsafe) high speeds.

So I wanted a car that, stock from the factory, was a match for not only my insatiable need to go fast, but the majority of cars on the road.

In 2008 I started looking....

I wanted something unique...

Something that just parked would get someone's attention...

A car that would really REALLY make the wife mad! 😁

So the car I wanted, and have wanted ever since I was a kid, was a Pontiac Firebird. The problem is, buying an American vehicle while in Europe is a tad difficult. Plus, living in the UK, the driver side is on the opposite to the US, making driving a little complex.


Besides, even though the last model of the Firebird was very sexy looking, it had some competition.

My first foray into sports car purchase took me to the WRX. Which was very short lived when I found out the purchase price and the price of parts! Damn sexy car, but you pay for it and then some.

BMW and Mercedes are the stereo-typical cars that people who don't know how to drive purchase. Again, yer paying for the name on most models.

Lotus, McLaren and Jaguar was just to far out of what I wanted to spend.

Then someone at work suggested the Hyundai Coupe. Which didn't look half bad, if you got the right options.

I arranged a test drive with a used car dealer that had the model I was looking for. Worst car I have ever driven! I'm not an overly-tall person, but every time I went over a bump my head would hit the  roof. So that test drive was very short. Had to laugh though, I did nothing but berate the car even turning around to go back. That didn't stop the salesman from pulling out all the stops. Even dropping the price 50%. Didn't even temp me 😛