Guardian Technology Component Farming

Guardian Site for Guardian Tech Components

Guardian Technology Components are one of the more difficult materials to get.

Turns out there is a Guardian site where more than one spawns with each run. A total of 4 to be exact (each one is worth 3, so 12 in total).

Jump to system Synuefe NL-N C23-4

There is a Guardian site on planet B3 (coords: -34.8383 132.8863)

Using the image, I suggest starting at pillar 1, then 2, then the destructible panel.

Once you've made the rounds, exit to the main menu and log back in. Continue until you have what you need.

Fly Dangerous!


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  • A bit annoying.  I've been to this system and planet before, years ago.  There are four POIs: 3 Ancient Ruins, and 1 Guardian Structure.  I should have just dropped into those but instead went to the coordinates you posted here... only to find it's in the middle of nowhere, far from any POI.  Double-checked everything, coords, planet, system.  I'm just going to tour around the marked POIs to see if one matches the description in this post.
    • OCE
      It's been some time since I visited these myself. I do see streamers and squad mates going here without issue. The biggest problem is the NEGATIVE symbol when flying to coords. Easy to miss it. At any rate, I will double check them to make sure this article is still accurate. Thanks Laughing