Encoded Material - Data farming at Jameson's crashed Cobra



Jamesons Crashed Cobra
System HIP 12099 planet 1 moon B
Lat: [ -54.36 ] - Long: [ -50.36 ]

So this is very straight forward. Make a trip out to HIP 12099 and cruise to the second moon of the first planet (1 B).

If you have a Super Cruise (SC) Assist (SCA) module installed, you can SC to the planet and SCA will put you into an automatic orbit.

From there use the Detailed Surface Scanner (DSS) to scan the planet and find the crash site. Lock on and make your approach.

 Land anywhere, doesn't really matter, and deploy your Surface Reconnaissance Vehicle (SRV).


 No real trick here except where you park.

You want to position your SRV in a place where you can scan all four data points, by manning the turret.

Once all four have been scanned, exit the game to main menu, then log back in. You should find yourself exactly where you parked. Scan, log, scan, log. Just like Dav's hope.

Do this until you start getting a UNABLE TO RECEIVE DATA! STORAGE FULL! message. You may want to do three or four more scan cycles to fill the four types you get.

Now, you need to go to a Materials Trader (Encoded Material Trader) to trade up/down of the types of data you are NOT getting. This will depend on the ship size you are using. For me, I use my Anaconda for this activity, which is a large ship. The closest place (that I know of) to HIP 12099 with a Encoded Material Trader that has space to land a large ship is Ray Gateway in the Diaguandri system. This is a 3 jump trip for my 43 light year (LY) jump range Anaconda.

Once there, click on Contacts >> Material Trader (Abel Dalton) and start trading for the data types you are low on. You click on what you want, then click on the item you are willing to trade to get it. Fairly simple stuff.

NOTE: This farming method will give you 4 types of data...

  • Modified Consumer Firmware (Encoded Firmware - Grade 2)
  • Cracked Industrial Firmware (Encoded Firmware - Grade 3)
  • Atypical Encryption Archives (Encryption Files - Grade 4)
  • Adaptative Encryptors Capture (Encryption Files - Grade 5)

What you need to do is trade until these four types are at ZERO, then start again!

When you're finished, return to the Crash Site and start the process all over again. Keep repeating until you are happy with the overall quantity of data. I usually get every single data type above 100 and then stop. If you want to max them all out, knock yourself out.

Don't burn yourself out though! Nothing worse than hating the game grind. This process is so fast, 30 minutes a day over 3 days would max you out. So take it easy.

Two final things.

One.....There are FOUR data points to scan at the crash site. The fifth, the ship itself, can only be scanned ONCE per account. Scanning it again gives you nothing, so don't bother.

Two.....on the ground all around the ship are commodities you can pickup for salvage. I always ignore these. I have never seen anything of value worth picking up, transferring to the ship, returning to data scan. Waste of time in my opinion.

Hope this helps you in your travels Commander.

Fly dangerously!