Should I replace my PC?

I get asked this question all the time.

Once upon a time, when I was much , much younger and I wanted to help people, I built PC's for friends and family.

Worst idea of my life.

The problem, if you build something for someone, and that something develops a problem, even years or decades down the road.....guess who gets a phone call?

I don't do that anymore. Now I just focus on my machine(s) and the wife's.

But I digress...

I saw an article today in the IT Register talking about some blow hard from HP trying to convince everyone that AI will shorten the replacement cycle of hardware. Once [AI] is in place. About 2 to 3 years from now.


Should I replace my PC?

There has been, and will only ever be one thing that answers this question. And that is...

"Can you afford it?"

Business or personal, enthusiast or professional, gamer of house wife....if you don't have the financial ability to replace it, you won't!

This simple fact seems to escape hardware companies who, as a result of the lockdown, started ramping up the price of EVERYTHING! And now.....for the past 2 years.....nobody is buying new shit!! I wonder why?

That Dell blow hard? Reported the second straight year of sales decline. Huh. That's interesting. I KNOW....AI WILL SAVE US!


I have always given the same advise over the years. Can you afford it? If the answer is yes, then answer these questions:

Should I replace my PC?
How much should I spend?
What kind? Desktop or Laptop?

It's simple really.

Should I replace my PC?

Have you noticed it performing badly?
Are you running out of storage?

If the answer to ANY of these if YES....then....yes! You should replace your PC.

If your reason for replacing it is other than these do not need to replace it!

Think of a PC like wiring in your house. You use it daily. Turning it on...then off...then on again. As long as you don't do something stupid like tearing into a will never need upgrading/replacing! PC's (for the most part) are the same.

Unless you are an expert, your interaction with your computer should be limited to the power button only! Do that, your PC (desktop or laptop) will last decades! Start tearing into it, even for the best intentions, you are so fucked!


How much should I spend?

This is an easy one.

Most of us have either a mortgage or rent for our homes. If your reading this and you don't then a) congrats, or b) you lazy fuck, contribute or get out! Either way, your home did at one time, find out!

A new PC is like investing in a home. Is it worth more than your home? Of course not! your start point! The amount you spend on your rent/mortgage per month! Start there and go down. Easy!

That figure can go up or down, for many reasons, but there's your budget! Set it, adjust if necessary, THEN STICK TO IT!


What kind? Desktop or Laptop?

Another super easy one. If you honestly don't know, then get a laptop. If you don't know, your usage is probably very low. You will want something that can go in a drawer when not needed. Sit beside the TV closed. Sit in it's case until needed.

If you have a space large enough for a comfortable (to you) desk and chair AND.....a desktop PC will be safe on it (kids and pets are the worst at killing desktop PC's), then get a desktop.

And one more thing, if you ever hear the statement
          " have to upgrade your PC because..."
It's bullshit! It's all bullshit! Several metric tons of it!

I have friends, who know nothing about computers, still running desktop machines that came loaded with Windows XP. Yes there are problems on occasion, but they can all be solved easily with a little reading.

I myself have a Windows 7 laptop because I enjoy using it, I don't do anything on that machine to put it at risk, with cloud storage that machine will last forever. Unless I do something stupid.

And by the way, this article also applies to your phone! If your mobile phone carrier says " need a new phone because..." they also are feeding you bullshit!

Finally, the exception...

Every rule has an exception, this one is no different.

If you are an expert, and enthusiast, a hard core gamer or a major geek.....none of what I just said applies. If you fall into this bracket.....your question becomes "What can I hide from the girlfriend/wife/taxman!?"