Fuck Birmingham!

Ya know.....one of the few things that people do when in a foreign country is explore!

Check shit out! See what's what! Things to do! Try an enjoy your stay.

Well you better not go to Birmingham in a vehicle!

So Birmingham has this "Clean Air Zone" that, according to their website and letters to me, "is clearly marked", and means if you are driving your standard rental, they want money.

I have no idea what the base charge is, I only know because I didn't pay it, I now have a demand for 60 fucking pounds!

It's funny, I guess Brit's don't do this really silly thing I do while driving called "look at the damn road!" which doesn't include reading bullshit like this. Especially since it's my first time here!

So if I missed the sign, even if I saw it, I seriously doubt I could have turned around.

My wife tells me "this is England!" which boggles my mind. "You American's know this, that's what started the whole independence thing!" I hate when my wife uses logic on me!

Well Birmingham can go fuck itself. I'll add that to my list of places that need nuking! Like France!

OUT! 😡