TalkTalk: The Saga (Part 3)

In 9 months a baby can fully gestate and be born.

A pineapple takes 9 months to fully grow. So does an avocado.

Our planet has completed 75% of it's orbit around our star, Sol.

All of this, I would rather be sitting in the sunshine, feeding pineapple and avocado's to a new born infant than continue to deal with TalkTalk.

So for those not following the whole story....

9 Months ago I purchased a new domain name to replace the domain the family use for email. Funny enough, it's a FAMILY TLD (Top Level Domain). Meaning, approved and authorized by ICANN. The International Consortium of Names and Numbers. They manage TLD addresses, like COM and NET and ORG and every fucking suffix!

So I buy this domain and change my email server to use it. Simple task, easily done.

I then started the task of updating accounts to use the new address.

Didn't have a problem until I tried to update my email address with TalkTalk.

Long story short. Whomever built the website and management computer system that TalkTalk uses is a moron! They hard coded the ICANN domain list into the software. The list from 2005! As a developer myself, this is the easiest way to get settings into software, but uber hard to update when things change. And guess what, it changed!

So if your email ends in a domain name, published after 2005, the TalkTalk computer system can't handle it.

For 99% of customers, not a problem. Probably use Gmail or Outlook with a COM ending. But mine, a FAMILY ending, broke everything.

So because they cannot change the address, I can't use online billing. Email is your username and I can verify it because their system won't store it. The old address ends with UK. I no longer have that domain. So they put me on paper bills, and charged me £2.50 on top!

When I started getting the bills, I noticed they where charging me £15 a month for services I didn't ask for. So they removed it. So I had to pay £2.50 and then saved £15. Now I call that a win!

Months go by, I call every 2 or 3 months to see if the problem has been resolved. Nope, still broke!

Had I never seen the paper bills, TalkTalk would now have £112.50 ON TOP of my normal bill! But....they forced me onto paper bills because their software is broken. Epic.

But it gets better!

I get a letter this week, telling me my service charge was increasing, paper bill charge increasing for "reasons".

So I call them. The service charge is increasing because the new fiber channels are more expensive to maintain.

I'm not on fiber.

The paper bill charge is increasing because of the increased handling with Covid! Lame, but OK, I'll give ya that for free.

Except I won't.

I tell the woman "ya know, I've had enough, please give me a migration number. I'm going back to BT"

"OH wait! I can reduce your bill to compensate for the charges"

I almost die laughing while on the phone with them.

Not only did she remove the new fees, my monthly charge went down an additional £10! Per month!

So now.....NOW I'm saving £25 a month. Because of a fault I could fix myself in 30 seconds.

I cannot be the only person experiencing this!

A friend once told me "Watch over the pennies and the pounds will watch themselves!"

Man was he fucking right!

You might be asking yourself "If your saving money, why try to get online billing?" I hate mail. Truly hate getting mail. I wish it would stop. Oh well.

The saga continues.....