TalkTalk....need to start making asprin!

I've said this before....but gonna say it again!

Companies that created ridiculous policies to hide there short comings shout be banned from trading!

More than that, the person that created said policies should be dragged out into the nearest street and shot in the head!

Have I ever mentioned I love aspirin!? Well I do, and whenever I have to utter the phrase "I'm calling TalkTalk again!", this is immediately followed by a handful of the small white pain-relievers!


So the saga of my email address continues. We're at the 7 month mark.

The good thing about this mess is now that I'm getting paper bills, I've spotted several other errors!

So I am being charge "call forwarding" on my landline, and I don't have one! I'm being charged for "fiber speed boost" when I complain every month about the speed. Aaaannndddd the paper bill charge went up by £0.75 for "some reason".

So I call TalkTalk customer services. Which makes me laugh when t is clearly a service call center in India! There is no member of TalkTalk that has even seen this place much less put foot in it!

I have to hand it to the staff there, they must get all kinds of irritated people calling. The woman I spoke to was super pleasant. After I told her about my saga, she even joined me in laughing at TalkTalk's inability to solve basic problems!

Anyway, TalkTalk still do not recognise email capable domains from the the updated 2014 ICANN list! I still have to get paper bills.


Because I am now forced to look at these paper bills, I've dropped my monthly charge by £10!

That's £120 I am saving a year, because TalkTalk computers are broken! 😂

I cannot be the only person! I mean, with electronic billing, I don't read that shit! I would have never known! TalkTalk would still be getting that £120 a year if their computers worked properly!

Oh to be a coder! 😆

I so wish someone at TalkTalk see's this! If it's happening to me, must be happening to others! How much are they losing because of a simple TLD error?

I'll keep ya posted! 😀