Mark Kelly...for President!

So woke up today...had a more coffee..then into my home office and fired up all the tech gadgets (I like the flashing lights!) and started my morning routine of "what has the world fucked up now" news reading while enjoying my coffee.

Those that know me, know I herald and claim Arizona as "home". Even though I haven't been home in years.

Not a day goes by I wish I was staring at the Sonora desert or the Superstition mountains or hell, even Davis-Monthan Air Force Base (well, the boneyard actually, not the base itself). But alas, I have "other" things to consider. But I digress...

So I'm reading the new and there's and article from the BBC on the "state of elections within America". I always laugh at these articles. Foreign correspondents always seem to miss the point. Digressing again....

Staring me in the face is Mark Kelly, running for US Senate for the great state of Arizona.

And my jaw literally hits the floor!

It's about fucking time!

Whom better to get shit done than a NASA Astronaut!

Here's a guy, trained to deal with high stress situations, make rational decisions based on fact (not opinion), and come to a course of action to make sure the mission succeeds and lives are not lost.

What better job description of what these blow-hard politicians should be doing instead of lining their own, and friends, pockets with Americans hard earned!

This guy has a documented, proven history of critical thinking and action.

I could care less about the tags. Republican. Democrat. Who gives a monkies as long as you get the job done!

I would trust a trained SR-71 pilot to be a politician more than someone who's only ever been a politician!

By the way, did you know more people have flown the space shuttle, than the SR-71! Come on Mark! 😋


So the choice for me is obvious!

Yes...I know...the other person is also military, a combat veteran...isn't that the same thing!

Oh no no no. You forget, I spent 10 years dealing with USAF pilots! I worked the B-52 and then the U-2! All pilots are the same, dangerous as hell! I wouldn't trust them to fly the Tucson to Phoenix air shuttle, much less make decisions effecting the entire state!

My personal judgement.....and your logic will not change this fact! 😁

Bottom line...

Trained to make life and death decisions, quickly, efficiently, for the success of the mission?

Well the mission is now help my fellow Arizonians!

I hope you win Mark!

I really really do!

Good luck!


Nuff said...


6 Nov 2020 Update:

He won! 

Well done Mark! Well done sir, and good luck. I do not envy the tasks ahead of you. I am ecstatic that its you dealing with it! 👍

Got a joke for ya....

Three friends, a Republican, a Democrat and a military member all meet up in a parking lot.
One says "...lets go get hammered..." and all three head to the nearest bar.

The bar tender asks the Democrat "what'll ya have?

The Democrat says "I'll have dinner, play some darts, and have a beer!"

The bar tender goes to the Republican next..."what'll you have?"

The Republican says "I want to play some darts, have dinner, then I'll have a beer!"

The bar tender then goes to the military member, but before he can say anything, the military guy says "Just gimme a beer!"

Moral of the story? The mission comes first! 😁