I don't always complain! #1

WHO: RotaryRevs

WHAT: Rotary Engine Specialists

WHERE: Batley, West Yorkshire (SW of Leeds)

WHEN: When you own an RX-7 or RX-8!

WHY: Because they are just pure awesome folks!

 Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.

- Walt Disney

Let it NOT be said that all I do is complain! Well.....OK I complain a lot! Buddy of mine commented on this and I took offence!

"You dick! I give credit where it's due!"

"Really? Has hell frozen over Skippy!"

Grrrrrrr......FINE.....documented evidence! Suck on that you commie! 🤣

I didn't know if this should be in my normal blog or in my special Zoom Zoom section. For those of you who may not know, "Zoom Zoom" is the tag line for all Mazda vehicles. Marketing guys, I swear to Christ! Someone earned a bonus for that! Man I need that job! 😛

Anyway.....I digress.....

So I am a die-hard RX-8 fan. I have owned 4 of them, and hopefully I bought my last one, 40th Edition, #109 of 400. My baby!

I love that car more than my children, more than my step-children, more than anything! EXCEPT....my wife! <- (documented get out clause!)

So you'll have to read my ongoing series on restoring this beast of a machine to get details on cars 1 thru 3, there's a story.

Needless to say I have dealt with 3 so called "rotary specialists" since owning these cars and all of them are idiots, cowboys taking yer money, devious and dishonest folks.


When my 40th Edition clocked 55K on the odometer, I started looking for someone to do the engine rebuild. Mazda recommend a full rebuild every 60K. Having seen first hand what a blown blade can do, I did not want to experience that again.

I spent almost a year deciding, researching, asking on the forums and talking to other owners. During all of this one place kept coming up over and over.

Rotary Revs

Their based in Batley, between Leeds and Bradford. 160 miles from me! I chose them.

Ever single employee at Rotary Revs is amazing!

From the receptionist, to the chief mechanic to the guy sweeping the floor! All of them did everything they could to make a full engine rebuild as painless as possible.

The guy who worked on my car, Josh, was superb. He explained everything to ridiculous detail. When I picked it up after completion, we talked for an hour on care, what to expect, new things he's working on. A truly brilliant guy with an even more amazing team.

The shear attention to detail was astonishing. From taking it off my hands, to things found during tear down, to assembly and even when it went onto the dyno. The information coming back was amazing. The love they put into there work shows in everything.

If I was told "you must mind one thing at fault" I would say nothing immediately. But if I had to, considering the time and money spent for a rebuild, it would have been nice to pick up a car freshly detailed. But, that did not stop the huge smile forming on my face and staying there for weeks after! Even now I get a grin talking about these guys!

So if you have a Rotary Sex Machine parked on the drive and it's due some serious maintenance, call these guys.

Even if it's just to change the oil, you will not regret it!

Rotary Revs are light-years ahead of everyone else!


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