Def Leppard - LIVE at the Hammersmith Apollo!!!

Def Leppard....the worlds last super-rock-group, played an awsome show at the Hammersmith Apollo tonight!!!

An awsome perfomance of tracks from all their albums, including the new release "Yeah!". These guys just never cease to amaze!!

The night started off with Cheap Trick opening up. Now, I'm not exactly a Cheap Trick fan, and when they started off, my thoughts where "..when are they gonna finish!!!". But as they worked there way through 70's and 80's classics, I found myself actually enjoying their show. Every song had the lead guitar bring out a different custom made axe!!! Finishing with a 5 neck monster that was hilarious to watch him play. These guys entertained and impressed! If you missed them, you missed a hell of a show.

When Def Lepard started, the light show and video display reminded me of the Hysteria tour (you know...the rotating drummer and the laser show!?) only with a bit of class. These guys truely enjoy begining on stage and it shows.

Rick Allen, the incense buring, one-armed drummer was, truley, the "Thunder God". This content grin never left his face and the laughs and smiles interacting with the band and crowd was truely amazing. His drum kit looked like something straight out of the USS Enterprise engine room!! But the sound was unmistakable.

Joe Elliot is looking his age, aint he!?!?!? Don't get me wrong, he sings just like he did 20 years ago, better even. But he definately isn't ageing gracefully ;). His classic audience banter during "Armageddon It" shows he hasn't lost his stuff. Even the high notes of "Photograph" didn't slow him down. Class act, all the way.

Vivian Campbell gave an absolutely stunning bass solo! I didn't even know bass players gave solo's!!! But what he played tonight was unbelieveable!! I'll bet the guy video tapping the show was getting inundated with requests for copies just to here this solo again.

Rick Savage looks, walks and talks like a Def Leppard original. Just from watching him on stage you can tell he really enjoys his job. His guitar work is just as impressive. Although he seemed to have difficulty keeping ahold of his pick all night.

Last, but certainly not least. Phil Collen should hold several Guiness records! I have yet to see any guitar player who can match Phil. It's a shame he didn't bring out the Bella Lugosi DRACULA guitar. That would have made my day. At any rate, his playing tonight was, well, just plain awesome!! Thats all you can say, just awesome!!

I'd been waiting months for this concert. I was not dissappointed.

Unfortunately, we had to leave before the end of the show due to London Underground time schedules (the bastards!!), but we saw almost all of it.

The night would have been better had the venue not been so nasty. It was so hot that people were passing out all over the place. Folks in the front where having glasses of water handed and tossed to them buy staff. Even the bands seemed to be showing signs of heat exhaustion. Word of advise, DO NOT go to a gig at the Hammersmith Apollo unless the outside temperature is 5C or below!!!!!.