Fasthosts - Ignoring the future


I've tried twice now to upload comments to there xtreme support forum, without success.

From what I can gather, posts are "held" in a que. It takes a Fasthosts moderator to give it the "all clear" before it appears in the forum.

I guess my comments are a little "Anti-Fasthosts" for their liking so none of my posts are making it! A shame really, for a company as large as Fasthosts not to take criticism at all!!!!

Basically, I am complaining about their email policy. To prevent SPAM, they only allow messages to be sent at the rate of 1 every 3 seconds. There's also other "criteria" a message must meet before Fasthosts mail servers allow it through.

As a web-applications developer, I often put "auto-responders" within the application. As do most developers. The problem is that I now have so many users on a single domain, their email policy is detracting from the system. If every single user sent a message from the system, there would be thousands (if not 10's of thousands) of VALID messages to VALID users of my systems!!!

But according to Fasthosts policy, "...thousands of e-mail messages per second is SPAM...". I would agree, if it was non-stop 24/7. But it's not. It's once maybe twice a week. But due to the volume "'s SPAM...".

So sending users update notices, user configuration changes, operational instructions, etc is completely out of the question on a Fasthosts dedicated server. I actually have to rely on another provider to handle this kind of traffic!!

How crap it that!!!!

But Fasthosts must know what there doing. There a big company. Right? Best interest of the customer and all. OK, so there treating us ALL as SPAM'ers. So they assume we will all abuse the system. Who cares!? If it stops SPAM from getting to my mailbox, GREAT!!

Except it doesn't. What their policy attempts to do is remove the possibility of getting sued by anti-spamming companies or government. Rather than deal with those that abuse the system, they restrict the system so it's not possible.

But, don't take my word for it, read there "terms and conditions" reguarding email. Or even better, go to thier support site and read the acceptable use policy, FAQ, White Papers and Forum entries on this topic.

Reminds me of reading the news article about China sensoring the web. Amazing!

Anyway, I've cancelled all my servers, services and even moved domains to another provider. My current server provider is OVH. Good company (so far) and they DO NOT have the ridiculous restrictions on hosted servers Fasthosts does.